A Super Failure

During the biggest game of football season, one would think that analysts and journalists alike would have plenty to say about a growing topic that seems to be affecting the game we love: concussions. One would think that this topic would especially ring true after the President himself came out and said that if he had a son he probably would not let him play football and Ravens safety Bernard Pollard told the media that he did not think that the NFL would be around in 30 years because it will be “soft” after all the changes to the rules regarding safety. As I sat on the comfortable couch surrounded by food and friends, I listened intently to hear what the “experts” would say about how concussions have affected the game that had captured America’s attention (even if it was only to watch Beyonce at halftime). Though the game was not very action-packed through the first half (I only saw one instance of helmet-to-helmet), I still expected at least some talk about previous player’s concussions, how the Super Bowl might be different in upcoming years, how hard-hitting, old school players on both the Ravens and the 49ers had caused plenty of injuries throughout the years, etc. When the 35 minute delay occurred because half of the SuperDome’s lights went out, there was ample time to discuss concussions. They could have at least mentioned the new deal the NFLPA made with Harvard to create a $10 million initiative to “discover new approaches to diagnosing, treating and preventing injuries and illnesses in both active and retired players.” This initiative will create big changes within the league and extend a helping hand to ailing players.

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